The Play On Podcast - CAS: Causes for Concern?

The Play On Podcast - CAS: Causes for Concern?
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In a two-part series, the Play On podcast focuses on potential causes for concern for the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Part One covers the issues of arbitrator independence, consent and transparency.

In Part Two, we focus on the issue of arbitrator diversity and how the CAS might evolve.

Host Tom Seamer is joined by special guests Dr Antoine Duval (Senior Researcher at the TMC Asser Instituut), Dr Marjolaine Viret (Counsel at PMA Avocats), and former Deputy Secretary General of the CAS, William Sternheimer (Partner, Morgan Sports Law).


If you want to read more about the issue of arbitrator diversity, view our article 'Arbitrator diversity at the Court of Arbitration for Sport'.


Episode Speakers

Tom Seamer
Barrister, Morgan Sports Law

William Sternheimer
Partner, Morgan Sports Law

Marjolaine Viret
Counsel, PMA Pedrazzini Martin-Achard Avocats

Antoine Duval
Senior Researcher, TMC Asser Instituut


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